For wheelchair track and field races and marathons

Focused on movement
Easy to set up! Unfold and set the racer on top and it's ready to go.

  • Easy to set up
  • Bicycle MoZ-Roller
    (MINOURA Roller) inertia ○
  • (MINOURA Roller) inertia ○ Compatible with classes T52~T54
    ※ T51 class / T3 class
Storage Carry case storage
Weight Body
Carry case
Total weight
Price ¥155,000
Shipping cost: Required separately
With carry case (large)
*We will send your machine to the specified address using EMS international speed service. *RC/RB/Passion models are all size 700C (global standard size)
Bolt tightening
Alumite finish Aluminum material
Height 125-135mm
Front wheel preload table

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